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My Queendom has arised

I have ended my abusive relationship with alcohol. I still have a beer now and then, or a sip of my home made cloudberry liqueur, but the obsessive feeling of "must have" has stopped. I believe for good. At least it feels like it's for good, and I have learned to trust myself on that… Continue reading My Queendom has arised

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The awakening of the first born

I feel an unassailable strenght within the depths of my soul, a solidity of spirit that nothing can defeat. Like the walls of an ancient temple, complited in marble, damaged by wars, but rebuilt and sealed with Roman concrete. Indistructable, unbreakable and everlasting. Created to survive the fall of sivilisations and the end of time,… Continue reading The awakening of the first born

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The pencil and the sword!

When I was younger I was an unyielding defender of satire as the best possible form of critic of authorities and oppressive ideas, cultur and laws. I still am, uncompromisingly defending the right to ridicule ridiculous abuse of power, or attempt to abuse power in any way that can not be explained with some sort… Continue reading The pencil and the sword!

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Post-Christmas-depression treatment

Every time I'm sitting down to write about my post-christmas-depression treatment I find myself procrastinating over Facebook memes and listening to really cheerfull music and totally screwing up my unhappy vibes. It's impossible to write about how sad I was at the end of last year when I'm listening to Bonny M, Amira Willighagen or… Continue reading Post-Christmas-depression treatment

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Victims of human trafficking

It is said that the devil loves secrets unspoken. Particularly those which gnaw like demons on a tormented soul. Can this raging demons be defeated without taken them by their horns? Can evil be killed with silence? Can I restrict the demons in my heart by not talking about them, or just forget that they… Continue reading Victims of human trafficking