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Unreasonable police force (in Happyland)


To those of my readers who doesn’t yet know where Happyland is, Happyland is the land of happiness, chezz players with weird eyebrows and superwomen and -men of cross-country skiing, ice skating and very fast olympic runners; Norway🇧🇻 As in every country in the world of Tellus, both happy and sad, we also have assholes in our small flock of approximately 5 391 369 inhabitants
(as counted 1th january 2021, I’m sure we’ve produced and lost a few since).

The police has written in their log that I had gone amok on a bus and threw my things at other passengers. I have no memory of this, but I do have several head injuries so my memory could of course be slightly influenced by all those bumps and bruises in my head and face amongst other. They also have refused to file a report on this incident just like they have refused to let me report many previous incidents and told me this time to go to Oslo to report this senseless violence there. I was told by the police in Oslo that this was unreasonable, like the force used by the police while I was handcuffed and naked in my local police district. I do after all have a concussion and it’s their duty to let me report whatever I want whenever I want even though the local police claim that I’m insane.

I’ve been seing a therapist for short and long periods for more than 20 years. I can assure you that if I actually am insane they would know by now. I’m not. My parents and the rest of my family are on the other hand extremly busy trying to make me insane. They’ve even tried to get me commited to psychiatric care by force just because I was late with my house rent. (This can be documented). Fortunatly to me this is not a reason to be commited by force to a psychiatric institution, but that doesn’t stop my family. If my therapists, (I’m so looking forward to hear how my family got intouch with them or how they even knew who my therapists were), won’t do what my family want, they just call the police instead and the police obviously are more than happy to obey my family’s request, lock me up and beat the insanity out of me. I’m now cured and I should only be glad the police didn’t crash my door and shoot me.

The local police have reported me for disorder and violence against a police officer. I have reportadly kicked one of them while my hands where cuffed very tite on my back(?). I’m not that strong! I’m not a freakin’ superhero! I was handcuffed! Hard! But if I actually did kick a police officer while they were beating me cuffed and naked I sure look forward to see the pictures of his or her bruises. I hope I hit bullseye! Because the epicrisis from the ER that night says nothing about any injuries when the doctor told the police to lock me up, but the epicrisis from the morning after are indeed a concret document of police brutality. I can only say


I’m also very well insured by the very best insurance company💋💋💋, but I’m not sure if it’s inappropriate to send a Thank you-card to the local police station or if that would be considered an offense too.

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