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Police brutality in Happyland

The first two pictures are at the emergency room wednesday morning. I went straight there, barefoot, after I was released from custody were they had ignored me the entire night despite obvious head injuries and need of medical care.

The cell were I was kept all night was smeared in blood. I bled like a river from my nose after they threw me to the concrete floor with my hands in cuffs on my back. Those who threw me in custody told me they found me like this on a bus. Their slightly chocked female colleague who found me in their arresthouse right after she started her watch wednesday morning said I had tripped and the blood everywhere was because I had smudged it all over. Believe me! It was a lot of blood to splotch all over the floor, the door and the wall. She said they had taken care of me. This is not taking care of a person! This is police brutality! It’s unnecessary violence against a handcuffed and defenceless woman!

I demanded to be set free so I could seek help for my injuries and they did so very quickly just after they found some clothes I could wear as my own were all wet and dirty after I was beaten so hard to the rain-soaked asfalt that I actually shat myself before they stripped me naked and threw me with my head first to the concrete floor. I have bruises in places where the police, or anyone else for that matter, have no right to put their hands or fingers.

Today I went back to the emergency room because the painkillers I can get without a prescription didn’t take the pain and I can barely use my arms or lie down on any side but my back. When in custody I was refused my medication for astma amongst other medical care which they said I had been given, but which I clearly didn’t. I have concussion. I should have been brought to the ER or the hospital the moment I hit that floor. Wednesday night a friend showed me an article on the front page of the local newspaper where the police officer in charge that night had told the newspaper that a drunk and rude woman from Blystadlia had attacked the police and tried to kick them, that this woman was quite disgusting and will be reported for public disorder and insulting a police officer. I don’t think that will happen, but if so the police have a lot to explain.

Thursday morning I called the newspaper to tell them what actually had occured tuesday night and they deleted the article at once. I sent the journalist whom I was connected to at first contact pictures of my injuries and bruises and we agreed to follow up this case when I feel a little better and of course when my excellent atourny is back from her vacation. Before I went back to the ER I called the police and was naturally connected to the local police station as one automatically are when dialing 02800. The police officer answering was very understanding and nice and I was told I would have to report this incident to the police in Oslo as the local police is unfitted in this matter.

When I saw the bruises on my inner thighs and on the back of my knees I was sure they had raped me. I don’t know how I got those blue marks, but previous traumas sure rushed through my mind for a while. When I woke up this morning I thought of all the beating and violence I’ve been a victim of almost my entire life and I cried for hours. All I want is to be safe, to live my life in peace. Is that really too much to ask for?


IS IT???

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